Moving Abroad One Step At A Time

Moving Abroad – one step at a time. This book, written by Rafael Dos Santos. Rafael dos Santos is a Brazilian-British multi-award winning entrepreneur.
Moving Abroad – one step at a time provides advice and tips for those who have decided to move to another country to follow a dream or to reach a goal. It is brought to life by stories and experiences of people who have happily moved abroad.
Rafael has divided the journey in 5 stages and explains each stage in full detail. You will find out how to plan your trip (there are check lists, step by steps guides) as well as deal with the emotions that you are going through when you move to another country.
Real stories and advice from people who have successfully moved abroad. Some people have returned to their countries, some have move to a new country and some have decided to stay where their heart is!
Moving Abroad – one step at a time With excellent reviews listed on Amazon, this is a must-read book for anyone who wish to move to another country. Click here if you want to buy the book


Rafael dos Santos multi-award winning Brazilian-British entrepreneur

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