How to register your company address in the UK?

If you are tired of searching on the Internet how can you register your company in the UK don’t worry, this article will help you!

What formalities you have to respect?

A register office address is a legal requirement if you want to create your firm. It will allow you to receive your require documents and correspond with the Company House and HMRC* for example. To create your company address you have to know that

  • The register office must be a physical location and not only a PO number.
  • The address has to include a physical address and postcode after the PO box number.
  • Your address has to be in the same country that your company is registered.
  • For reasons of transparency your company will be publicly available on the register.

*Companies House is the United Kingdom’s registrar of companies

How can you choose your address?

Several options are available to you: you can choose the same address as your home; a virtual office, a business lounge or have your own physical officer where you will be working from.

You don’t have to possess the same address as the company. With the first solution: take the same address as your home you are free to work in your house and you can receive your mail at home. This is the cheapest solution. However for privacy reasons and professionalism this choice is not recommended.

If you really want to work at home and keep your privacy virtual office could be a interesting solution for you. You can have a city center address, a professional phone answering, receptionist and office services even if you are not there physically. Virtual office prices cost around £20 to £70 per month. It depends on the services that you need. The most famous are Regus, Office Front, London Presence and Your Virtual Office London.

If you don’t want to work in your home, you can use a business lounge. Business lounges are professional workspaces where you can have Wi-Fi, refreshments, daily newspapers as well as being able to print, scan and photocopy. Contrary to the virtual office you are not able to use their address, unless you pay more, of course!. The mains website which purpose these space is Regus. As the video explains you You just need to buy a gold card in order to use a business lounge. This card cost between £50 pounds and £100 per month, it depends on the services added to your membership.