Friday Interview: Barry Dass

This week I had the chance to ask Barry Dass some questions about his entrepreneurial path; his business career spans over 35 years, within a wide range of industry sectors and across a number of regions. He joined his fathers clothing business at an early age and founded number of top fashion brands.

What country are you from originally? Why did you choose London?

I came from India with my mother and siblings to join to my father in the east end of London

Which were the biggest challenges you faced when moving to the UK and how did you overcome them?

Growing up in the East end of London discrimination at school was the biggest challenge, which also affected my education. I overcame this challenge by keeping a strong head, believing in myself and going into business at an early age.

What gave you the inspiration and strength to start your own business enterprise?

My father came to the country in the early 1960s with £5.00 in his pocket and spoke very little English; even then he managed to set up his small clothing manufacturing business within 3 years of arriving. He is my inspiration, I learnt from him that anything is possible if you have the determination and desire to succeed.

What has been your biggest entrepreneurial achievement so far?

One should consider anything they achieve as big, however creating a fashion house with a world wide distribution in the most upmarket fashion stores was my most fulfilling achievement.

What are your 3 tips to those thinking of starting a business in your industry?

In my opinion the 3 most important points to consider before you start a clothing business are: 1 Understand the technical as well as the design element of your products, 2 Understand who is your target audience, 3 Create your USP / brand. Then go to market.

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