Friday Interview: Pip Thomas

Pip Thomas is very gifted entrepreneur whom I met this week. Discover her interview and her experience here. I hope you ill be as happy as I was to read her story.

In your website you speak about your faculty to create a passionate learning environment” what is your secret for that?

Transparency, honesty and the ability for people to be the most authentic version of themselves.. the environment is reflective of the individuals on the course and has a highly positive energy. Working in small groups enables everyone to feel safe to explore their own personal journey

What are your top three tips for those who want to start their own businesses today?

Do it, do it, do it …..and believe that you can

You help people to achieve theirs goals have you achieved yours? Which barriers you have to overcome to achieve your goals?Yes I have, sometimes it helps to be flexible and adapt your approach to achieve your goals and dreams. It also helps to see them as a number of individual elements that make up the end result, this way you can both manage the journey as you will see yourself continuously working towards achieving the goal as well as manging your expectations.This approach ash totally worked for me, it has enabled me to keep focused when curved balls have come into play and to really be able to measure my progress…it can be easy to simply set a goal and say yep I will achieve that in the next two years and then do nothing about it.

Making it manageable is a real benefit, and be creative as well- really think about what you will see hear and feel when you achieve each stage… very powerful

How can business owner use NLP to grow their businesses?

In so many ways- initially they can grow personally through NLP really aligning themselves from a believe and capability perspective. The can use NLP with their clients and colleagues from a negotiation perspective, always working with the highest possible intent. Finally they can use it with their teams to develop a highly skills, motivated and congruent team whilst being able to flex their own behaviour and language to achieve the best outcomes for all.

What are you planning for the future?

I am really keen to start using my knowledge to help those going through massive change driven by diversity….this is a huge subject an there are a couple of areas where I would love give back and help support people to realize their full capability and resourcefulness.