Friday Interview: Ricardo Faria

Another week, another opportunity to get inspired. This time I had the chance to ask Ricardo Faria co-founder of Remonkeys some questions about his entrepreneurial path; he is an excellent UX/UI designer, with outstanding background in both Web and Mobile Design. He has been working on Mobile and Web Design since 2006.

What country are you from originally? Why did you choose London?

I am Portuguese where I graduated in multimedia engineering and started my career as a UX/UI designer as well as my company, Remonkey. I chose to come to London to broaden my skills, learn from the very competitive and dynamic London design scene and of course to regenerate my business.

Which were the biggest challenges you faced when moving to the UK and how did you overcome them?

The language is obviously as barrier a lot of new comers originally struggle with… The lack of sunshine is another one. Other than that, I have found so far working in London a stimulating experience. The fast pace, the opportunity for development and networking suit my entrepreneurial style and gives me the satisfaction of feeling my business is growing at the same time as my skills and my network. I learn a lot.

What gave you the inspiration and strength to start your own business enterprise?

I have always had a natural entrepreneurial streak, it’s like an urge to create that I need in my life. I am an autodidact and I feel that creating my own business and thinking of creative ways to make it agile and meet customers needs beyond expectations bring me the satisfaction of making a real difference in the business of an individual I have grown a positive working relationship with. It makes design less anonymous, less ‘automatic’ more custom-made, creative, personal, on point really. It is what I value the most.

What has been your biggest entrepreneurial achievement so far?

Adapting to and meeting the demands of various types of UK businesses. Be it helping young entrepreneurs launch their website, grow their customer base and generate more sales or regenerate website of second career starters and make them fall in love with their product again.

 What are your 3 tips to those thinking of starting a business in your industry?

  • Be agile.
  • Have clear values your business stands for.
  • Enjoy the adventure, London is a very stimulating environment to grow your business in!

You can find out more about Ricardo Faria and his business Remonkeys here.

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