Project Description

Belo Horizonte


Population: 2.400.000 inhabitants

Founded: December 12, 1897



Clubs: Atletico Mineiro, and Cruzeiro;

World Cup Stadium Name & Nickname: Mineirao- Belo horizonte

Stadium Capacity: 62.547

The stadium has the capacity to take 130.000 spectators but rules of the FIFA; it was needed to change spectators’ number to take only 62.547.



Where is it?

It’s located in the central region of state Mina Gerais, Brasilia (Capital of Brazil) to 616 KM, Sao Paolo to 500km, and Rio de Janeiro to 352km (It’s the nearest).


What is it like?

The city is a combination between tradition and modernity, also it has many attractive components unique like: Geography (Flora and fauna), beautiful Mountains, and lowlands. Although there are not many attractive sites that offers it that others cities like: Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, But It’s important to know that it’s one of the most important cities in Brazil and Latin American to make business.


Typical food

There are many dishes that you can enjoy in this city but you can’t forget to eat, the most important dishes for the city like: Pão de Queijo, Feijão Tropeiro e Frango com Quiabo. The first dish it’s like a bread with cheese that you can eat in the breakfast or picnic, accompanied with a delicious Brazilian coffee; the second dish it’s like a special bean (only you can find in this city), all type of meats like (beef, pork, sausage), people like enjoy this delicious dish in the lunch time, many people suggest accompany this dish with rice; and the last dish it’s like a special chicken with lemon, many people that live in Belo Horizonte say for this dish, it’s very exotic and delicious.



Places to visit

Ecologic Pampulha Park

It’s a wonderful green area constructed in an artificial island, it’s call Pampulha lake, There, you can find different symbols about the city like: Monumento da imigracao Japonesa no Brasil, It’s a project of art contemporary of Brazil, and the San Francisco De Asis church pioneer of the architecture modern. Also there are many recreational activities, ecologic, and sportive that you can enjoy.



Address: Av. Otacílio Negrão de Lima, 7.111 – Pampulha


Tickets & Opening Times:

The Park is open Tuesday to Friday for tourists groups with scheduled appointment and Friday to Sunday for general public; Park admission is free.

Contact phone: 55 31 3277-7439


Palacio das Artes   

It’s a complex artistic and vanguard, it’s one of the largest centers and important in Latin America, where you can find different: Expositions hall, art galleries, multimedia, cinema, opera and theatres. Also it’s the major center of Belo Horizote for concert presentation, dance and music scenes.


Address: Avenue Alfonso Pena 1537


Tickets & Opening Times:

Monday to Saturday: 9am- 9pm;
Sunday and bank holidays: 2pm- 8pm;

The palace of arts accepts payments with credit card, debit, online entering the website of this site (, or by phone with the number 55 31 4003-2330 (in this case the payment is only with credit card).

The admission price for the events celebration in the grand theater varies with the location for the chair. Also there are events that are completely free (only you need to go to the website of the Palacio dos artes and check the calendar of the events).

All the students can pay half for the price if them bring their students card.

Contact phone: 55 31 3236 7400


Praça da Liberdade (Freedom Square)

It’s a place bohemian and historic that it’s located in one of the most important neighborhood of the city call Savassi. Freedom Square was constructed during the edification of Belo Horizonte in 1895; there you can find different architectural styles, that these were important for the urbanization of the city, also there are different exhibitions for more information you need to go to the website for the site also there are different exhibitions you can see, and they are very interesting; for more information, you need to go to the website of the site and entering programming section.

Address: Neighborhood of Savassi (the place is located with the connection between four important avenues of the city: Brazil avenue, bias fortes avenue, Cristovão Colombo avenue, João Pinheiro avenue).



Tickets & Opening Times

The freedom square is completely free, and it’s open for the public every day (it’s preferably for the family go to the place in the morning because you can enjoy of the exhibitions and take the sun with a delicious ice cream).


Mercado central (central market)

It’s an excellence place where the tourist can experiment the culture Belo Horizonte through aroma, colors and tastes. The Market Central has 400 locals distributed in (Foods, Drinks, jewelries, crafts). Also It’s a referent for the commerce of the City since 1929. The tourist will find that he wants and much more. Many people think it’s the one sites the coziest of the city.


Address: Avenue Augusto De Lima, 744


Contact Phone: +31 3274-9434

Tickets & Opening Times:

Monday to Saturday: 9am – 5pm;
Sunday to Bank holidays: 9am – 1pm

The central market has a tourism office with guides’ bilinguals. The guides can to do the guided until with 20 people.



Feria hippie

La feria hippie of Belo Horizonte was founded in 1969, it’s the one of the biggest fairs of crafts in the world, and this place has 3000 locals, where the tourist can buy the most beautiful crafts. Also you can find other things like: art, jewelry, toys, bags, Furniture, Decoration for the home, and clothes. It’s an amazing place you can’t forget to go to visit.


Address: Avenue Alfonso Pena, 1400


Contact Phone: (+31) 33348230- (+31) 32774914

Tickets & opening times:

The fair is open only on Sunday since 7am until 2pm.