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What you need to know about living in Denmark

Denmark is a very small country and the biggest cities are quaint and very clean. The Danish people on a whole are proud and private nation that has a great balance between work and lifestyle. Plus, studies show that Danish people are some of the happiest in the world. This blog will show you why that is and teach you a little more about the country.

Regions of Denmark

Due to the geographical features of Denmark, the country is split into 3 main regions. There is Jutland, that juts out from the rest of main land Europe. Jutland’s main city is Aarhus, which is the second largest city in Denmark. Next to Jutland is the island of Fyn, which is the smallest of the 3 main parts and finally as we go further west, there is Zealand. Zealand is wehre Copenhagen is and Copenhagen takes the crown for being the biggest danish city. However, Copenhagen is still only home to around 560,00 people, which is absolutely tiny for a capital city.


Although there are a lot of great things about Denmark, sadly the weather is not one of them. Denmark is famous for it’s cold and snowy winters. It is integral for any one living here during November to February to own a very big coat and a set of mittens! Ear muffs are an optional extra. But seriously, it can be very cold in the winters in Denmark. On the plus side, Danish summers can be surprisingly warm and if you are really brave, you can take a dip in the sea! Denmark is surrounded by water so you are never too far away from the ocean. On the whole, be prepared for all sorts of wild and windy weather to come in from the seas, freezing winters and warm summers wherever you choose to set up in Denmark.


A lot of Danish culture has moved away from the traditional Viking stereotypes of the old days and is a very trendy country to be in. Fashion and design are always strictly up to date and this makes for some interesting viewing in the shops and the high street. There is certainly a focus on looking your best, all the time! As well as being on trend, Danish people can be quite sarcastic in their humour and quite a private people. They are very polite but like things how they are and provided you respect them, they will respect you! Apart from that, there are loads of interesting museums on art and history and some truly original shops and restuarants.


The language spoken in Denmark, is of course Danish. It is a very difficult langauge to understand, so luckily almost every Dane is equipped with fluent English, phew! Unfortunately, this does mean they can understand everything you’re saying whilst you can’t understand them, so be aware of this when you are out in the town.

Food and Drink

There is not a stand out dish in Denmark that is traditionally associated with the country. There are a lot of seasonal and celebratory foods but day to day, there are a lot of different foods readily available. One thing that Danish people love to eat is rye bread. This bread is extremely popular and is very good for you. It can take some getting used to but is very tasty and is used to make open sandwiches. An open sandwich, made up of is one slice of rye bread, smothered in meats, sauces and vegetables, is a common food to find in Denmark. Apart from that, there is an abundance of hot dog stands in the big cities which are equally as tasty and exlcusive to Denmark. It is rare to find these fully kitted out hot dog stands anywhere else. They are cheap to buy and with a wide selection of different types of meat and loads of different toppings, they are good value as well as delicious. One thing Danish people do make well is beer. Carlsberg is a Danish company and this global brand is based in Copenhagen. The success of this beer has sparked a love of beer and so you are never too far away from a local brand you haven’t tried yet or a name you are more familiar with. Either way, they are all good and pretty cheap!