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Moving to Brasilia: 5 things you should know

Where is it?

The city is located in the central region of the country, between the cities Formosa, Pirenopolis, Luziania, Sao Antonio do descoberto and Planaltina.


What is it like?

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil, Principal the federal government of the Country (Palacio de la Meseta, Congresso Nacional, and Supremo Tribunal Federal do Brazil). It was declared by Unesco patrimony of humanity, for its unique condition and architecture (the majority by Oscar Neymar, important architect of Brazil and very famous in the world).

  • Population:562.963 inhabitants
  • Founded: April 21, 1960



Clubs: Brasiliense futebol clube and Sociedade esportiva do gama;


World Cup Stadium Name & Nickname:

Stadium National of Brasilia (Before call Stadium National Mané Garrincha)

Stadium Capacity:

The stadium is the second largest in Brazil, with capacity of 68.009 spectators national, It was inaugurated in 1974.

In 2007, this stadium celebrated the first final match for women’s world cup.  And in 2010, the stadium was renewed with the objective of increase more the number of spectators and achieves the rules for the FIFA. Also in this stadium will be celebrate the July 12, 2014 the match for the third place of World Cup.

It will hope that the stadium will be use for important events and culture events.

Others places you can visit near to the stadium are: Ginásio Nilson Nelson, The first place, it’s a gym, it was inagurated april 21, 1973 with the capacity 24.000 spectators. A curious thing, it’s about its first presentation was Sesame Street, Also the place make championship of volleyball and basketball. The second place is a monument calling “Complexo Poliesportivo Ayrton Senna”: it’s a memorial to the pilot formula one Ayrton Senna.

It’s curious to know about this city, it was constructed on a base like form airplane, and the city highlights are: their large avenues, building and streets other curious thing about the city is the new capital of Brazil because first It was Rio Janeiro.

There are not many sites tourists you can find in this city but it has a particular thing that catch any tourist: its modernist architecture, that it’s impossible to find in other city in Brazil.


Places to visit

Catedral Metropolitana de Brasilia (Also call Catedral Metropolitana de Nossa Senhora Aparecida)

It’s the most important cathedral of the city, constructed by the architect Oscar Neymar (Important architect), It was the first monument that constructed in the city. Its structure was completed in 1970. The most important thing you can catch for the cathedral is its modernist architecture, different of others cathedrals.

Tickets & Opening Times:

The cathedral is completely free, you don’t need to pay anything to go there, but it’s important to check the horary of the mass (because when there is:

The horary are:

– Tuesday to Friday: 12:15 am- 6:15pm;

– Saturday: 5pm;

– Sunday: 8:30am, 10:30am and 6:00pm;

The horary may be change, so it’s important to check in the webpage of the cathedral.

Juscelino Jubitshek Bridge (Also call Bridge JK)


It’s a bridge and important icon for the architecture of Brasilia, Alexandre Chan and Mario Vila Verde constructed it, the estimate cost for the bridge it was    $56.8 millions and it was inaugurated December 15, 2002. It’s considerate one of the most beautiful bridge of the world. You need to go a this bridge because you can find other modernist  architecture of Brasilia. Many people that have been there, suggest go to bridge at night because it’s very beautiful see the lights as surround the bridge and take a picture with family or friends.





It’s a National theater of Brasilia, It was inaugurated January 30 1961, It has three important show rooms where It has different events like: dance, cinema, music exhibition, like other shows.

The most important attraction for this theater is its architecture, Oscar Neymar constructed it, and it has a particular structure (like pyramid) with cubes and rectangles.

  • Address: SCTN, Via N2, Asa Norte Brasília – DF 70070-200, Brazil‎
  • Website:
  • Tickets & Opening Times: The theater is opening every day: since 9am until 8pm, But it’s important to check the website if there is an important event and the prices of the shows.
  • Contact phone: +55(61) 3325-6105;




Eixo Monumental

It’s a huge avenue, designed by Oscar Neymar also it’s calling “Eixão monumental”, where There are different monuments important of the City: Governo do Distrito Federal, Palácio do Buriti,Tribunal de Justiça do Distrito Federal, Territórios e a sede da Câmara Legislativa do Distrito Federal, Memorial JK e a Catedral Militar Rainha da Paz, Rodoviário, Torre de Tevê, Praça dos Três Poderes e a Esplanada dos Ministérios.

  • Address: Via Eixo Monumental, DF, 70070-350, Brasilia, Brazil.


Parque da Cidade Dona Sarah Kubitscheck

It’s a beautiful park, Also It’s calling “Parque da Cidade”, it was inaugurated October 11, 1978 and it’s one the biggest urban Park in the world with 4.2km, beating Central Park New York City.

There, you can find Tracks sports, artificial lakes, amusement park, as also other things. The park is considerate patrimony of Brasilia.

Near to the Park you can find others important attractions places that you can visit like: Praça do Buriti, and Ana Lidia Park.

  • Address: Eixo Monumental Sul, Setor de Industrias, Quadras 901, 906 e 910 | Asa Sul, Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brasil;
  • Contact phone: (+55) (61) 3325-1092;


Jardim Botanico de Brasilia

It’s a botanical garden; it was founded march 8, 1985. It was the first Botanical Garden in Brazil, This place has a different interesting places:

  • Jardim em movimiento;
  • Mirante;
  • Área de piquenique;
  • Biblioteca da natureza;
  • Museu de história natural;
  • Centro de visitantes;
  • Casa de chá;
  • Espaço Guido Pabst, com coleção de orquídeas nativas e exóticas;
  • Bosque Kyoto;
  • Bosque dos Ipês;
  • Anfiteatro;


  • Address: SMDB, Zona de Especial – Lago Sul – Setor de Mansoes Dom Bosco – Lago Sul – Subida da QI 23 , Brasilia , Distrito Federal 71,680-001 , Brasil;
  • Website:
  • Contact phone: (+55) (61) 3366-2141