Project Description

Moving to Curitiba

The city is located to 110km of Atlantic Ocean, 407km to Sao Paolo, and 850km to Rio De Janeiro.


What is it like?

  • It’s the capital of state Paraná;
  • It’s a important place for many Brazilians and foreign to go shopping, also because it’s a cosmopolitan city;
  • It is very famous for its innovations for infrastructure of the city.
  • Curitiba is one of the cities most influential of Brazil in the world stage.
  • It’s considerate one of the cities most globalized of the world;
  • It’s considerate intelligent city because it’s concerned for the ecology, quality of life, Infrastructure of the city.
  • It’s one of the best cities to do business and international events, the View magazine considers Curitiba, and It’s the best place to do business in Brazil;
  • It considers an important business center of technology (The focus, It’s convert the city in the principal center of Technology as Sillicon Valley of Brazil);




This is a delicious dish you need to eat when you arrive to Curitiba, it made with beef, oxtail, and special ingredients only you can find in Curitiba.



This is other dish you need enjoy when you are in Curitiba, It used principally for appetizer, and it made with chicken, pineapple, and other ingredients you can find in the City.


Carne de Onça

It made with black bread, ground beef, onion, parsley.



Population: 1.764.540 inhabitants

Founded: 29 March 1842



Clubs: Coritiba Foot Ball Club and Clube Atletico Paranaense;

World Cup Stadium Name & Nickname: Arena da Baixada;

Stadium Capacity: The stadium has capacity for 41.456 spectators;

  • It’s one of the most modern stadiums and best equipped for the World Cup 2014;
  • It was constructed in 1914;


What is there to see?


  • It’s the most popular tourist place of the city;
  • It was inaugurated in 1991;
  • There are many things you can find in this place like: Geometric gardens, greenhouses, three domes (It’s the principal attraction for the tourists), one museum, and sport tracks;
  • Its architecture made steel, and its style “artnoveau”, inspired by the crystal palace in London in XIX century;
  • It has a museum, the name is “Museum Botanic of Curitiba” where you can enjoy a huge herbarium 310.000 plants, inaugurated in 1965;
  • in 2008 It was inaugurated “the sensation garden”, the tourist is tempted across of contact direct of the plants (forms, texture, and aroma);


Address: R. Eng. Ostoja Roguski – Jardim Botânico, Curitiba – PR, 80210-390, Brazil;


Opening Times

  • Botanic Garden

Monday to Sunday, 6am- 8pm

Contact phone: +55 41 3362-1800

  • Museum

Herbarium: Monday to Friday, Morning 8am – 12am, Afternoon 1pm – 5pm;

Exhibition Rooms: Monday to Friday, 8.30am- 12, Afternoon 1pm- 5pm, Saturday- Sunday- bank holidays, 8am- 6pm

Contact phone: +55 44 3362-1800



  • It’s a Brazilian theater, inaugurated in 1992;
  • The place is surrounded for an artificial lake;
  • The theater has capacity of 2.100 spectators;
  • There is an important park, the name is Quarry park (in portuguese Parque das Pedreiras), the tourist can enjoy trees, lakes, and waterfalls, this park was inauguted in 1992, also you can see the different kind of birds that the place has;


Address: Parque Pedreira Paulo Leminski, Rua João Gava – Abranches, Pilarzinho, Curitiba – PR, 82130-010, República Federativa do Brasil;


Opening Times

Tuesday to Sunday: 8am-9pm

Contact phone: +55 (41) 3355-6071;



  • It’s a complex two buildings, it was inaugurated in 2002 with the name “new museum”
  • You can enjoy the different projects created by the architect Oscar Niemeyer (he was a very important architect in brazil although in the world);
  • The museum concentrates visual arts, the architecture and design.


Address: R. Mal. Hermes, 999 – Centro Cívico, Curitiba – PR, 80530-230, Brazil;


Opening Times

Tuesday to Sunday: 10am- 6pm


  • $6 Reais (Tourists);
  • $3 Reais (Professors and students it’s important bring their ID card);

Contact phone: (+55) 41 3350-4400;

Free tickets: Children under 12 years old and elderly over 60 years old;



  • It’s amazing park you can enjoy when you stay in the City, it was inaugurated in 1972;
  • You can find different species the plants and animals and other attractions you can enjoy in this place;


Address:  Avenida Manoel Ribas, s / n, Mercês. Curitiba – PR, 80810-000, Brasil;


Opening Times

Monday to Sunday: Wherever hours;

Contact phone: (+55) 41 3350-8484



It’s a cultural space for theatre and musicals events, inaugurated in 1971; It’s very attractive for the tourist because it has a particular architecture.


Address: Praça Viaro Guido, s / n º – Prado Velho

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 1.30pm- 7pm;

Saturday and Sunday: 3pm – 7pm;

Contact phone: (+55) 41 3213-1340;



  • It’s an important park in Curitiba;
  • You can enjoy the different attractions although its nature;
  • There is an important monument: Ukrainian monument: It’s an important memorial for the Ukrainian people immigrate to Brazil, in 2000 it was inaugurated an important monument the name is “Praca Brasil 500 anos”, it’s a commemorate for 500 years discovery of Brazil;



Address: Rua Jose Valle sn Curitiba PR, 82020-250,Brasil;

Opening Times

The park is open every day; only there is a particular horary to monument Ukrainian (Tuesday to Sunday: 9am- 6pm)



It’s a palace; the consul Dutch constructed it in 1924. It’s an attraction place for the tourists, it used principally to events.

Address: Avenue Do Batel, 1323- CEP: 80420-090- Curitiba/PR


Contact phone: (+55) 41 3243-2359;


Other places you can enjoy are:


  • It was inaugurated in 1946.
  • The museum exhibits arms, clothing and other objects used for the expeditionary Force Brazilian.


Address: Praça do Expedicionário s/nº – Alto da XV 80060-180 – Curitiba – Paraná – Brasil.


Contact phone: (+55) 41 3362-8231

Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday: 10am- 12am and 1pm- 5pm;

Saturday and Sunday: 1pm- 5pm;


  • Telepar Tower: It’s an important building in Curitiba, it has a particular architecture;
  • Curitiba Trade center;
  • Paco de la libertad;
  • Fonte de Jerusalem;