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Moving to France: What you need to know

If you are planning to move to France, then you should find here some very interesting,summarized information about this western European country what would help you to get started.

The Regions

In France, there are 22 regions which have limited legislative autonomy and regions are differ in character,tradition,climate and French dialects. Each administrative region has a capital city,for example Paris-Isle-of-France is one of the regions and its capital city is Paris.

In addition, there are some info about regions of France:

  1. Alsace, capital is  Strasbourg  –  Alsace is definitely Germanic, it is famous of wine and beer.
  2. Aquitaine ,capital city is Bordeaux ,it is one of the great historic regions of France
  3. Auvergne,capital is Clermont Ferrand,this region is abounding with mountains,valleys, forests and rivers
  4. Brittany,capital  is Rennes,This region is caracteristical of its Celtic cultural tradition
  5. Burgundy,capital is Dijon, In Burgundy vineyards are  produced the world famous wines.
  6. Centre, Its regional capital is the city of Orléans. The region is composed of six departments
  7. Champagne, capital is Châlons en Champagne.This region is famous of wine called Champagne.
  8. Franche Comte- The capital of Franche-Comté is Besancon.  This is an area famous for its agricultural products
  9. Ile de France – Paris-Isle-of-France ,capital is Paris the city of light
  10. Languedoc-Roussillon,capital is Montpellier , the coast of Languedoc is very attractive, because it is characterised by long sandy beaches
  11. Limousin, it is a  region of hills and low mountains.
  12. Lorraine,capital is Metz, unlike the other French regions it does not have a natural capital
  13. Midi-Pyrénées is the largest region in  France
  14. Nord – Pas-de-Calais is very visited area,because of  lying nearby the Uk.This province is well know of its coast called Opal Coast
  15. Normandy  -this province is one of the great historic regions of France
  16. Pays de la Loire, it consists of five departments
  17. Picardy it is divided into two areas
  18. Poitou-Charentes ,this ares is the central part of wester France
  19. Provence – Côte-d’Azur,this area is really popular among traveller and visitors
  20. Rhone-Alpes had eight departments
  21. Corsica

You can visit the following websites to get some more info about regions in France.


The Weather

If you are moving to France,you will see that in France the clima is a so called mixed clima,because there are 5 climate types (two main climate zones  and within sub-zones),what are caracteristical for France,these are :oceanic,semi-oceanic,mountain,continental,mediterranean. Look at the map.

If you are planning to move to the western or north-western part of France, then you can count on that the climate is oceanic there ,so it means that this area  has a mild climate, but can be rainy even in summer.

For  the middle of the country is characteristical the  semi-oceanic climate;although,in this region rain is typical,however it is not raining so often in summer than in the oceanic area.

As for the eastern side of France,there is a continental climate; thus, it is drier than the western part of France,and the winters are colder and the summers are hotter in this region.

At the south-east part of France, namely the area around Cannes and Nice ,the climate is Mediterranean, it means mild winters and warm summers.
In all the mountain areas of France,the climate is cooler and in summers there are often thunder storms,though summers are sunny and warm.

The Culture

As a matter of fact, in France you can feel the changes of a whole European history. You do not need to do anything to feel it,but visit some  medieval castles and ancient monuments.You will meet with this feeling in museums and in art galleries,where you will have an opportunity to discover the treasure of culture. Among the museums in France The Louvre Museum  in Paris is where you can find many famous works of art, including the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo.

France is a  country with a very rich  cultural heritage. French culture does not mean just Paris as most of people think;though the city of ligt is really the centar of culture,art and fashon.

In france you can find a lot of cultural opportunities as concerts and other music events throughout the year.

A french clothing is typical,many French people dress in professional and fashionable style.


The Language

Official language is French,though it varies by regions.There are two main dialectic in France;however,the most important variety of it is the norther group of French dialects which is know as “languages d’oil”.In the south there is another dialectic called “languages d’oc”.

Other dialects are Catalan,Breton and Occitan dialects.

Actally ,Metropolitan French is used in whole France. However,just 88 percent of population speak French as a first language,thus 12 percent of population speak French as a second language.


The Food and Drink

The famous bread know as “baguette” can be found in all regions in France, though its taste varying from hard to tasteless. You will see that the fresh baugette coming warm from the bakery is the real one,and you can eat in the street freely,since France is the place where no one will say a remark about eating baugette at the street.

In addition, there is wine.You can find here a grate range of wine like Bordeaux,Burgundy and Champagne. The three most famous French wine-producing regions are Burgundy region, Champagne and Bordeaux.

Family of French cheeses are worth to taste also.Each region of France has its own particular   cheeses.There are three families of cheese:

For example,pressed cheeses are Cantal,Comte,Emmental,Mimolette

  • soft cheeses, such as Camembert, Brie,Epoisses
  • blue cheeses such as  Bleu des Causses ,Bleu de Gex, Fourme d’Ambert