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Moving to Hong Kong: Things that you should know

Hong Kong possesses and goes in for free trading, this highly developed capitalist economy does attract investors and talented people around the world gather in Hong Kong, this is so Hong Kong is full of opportunities and excitements, however be a finance centre is not the only complexion of Hong Kong. No matter you are planning for travelling, studying or long-term staying, there are some specific ranges that you need to know:

  • The Regions
  • The Weather & Climate
  • The Culture
  • The Language
  • The Foods & Drinks

And here are some clues for you………


The Regions

Hong Kong is located in south coast of China, it is known as a pier since it is surrounded by the South China Sea, and decades ago Hong Kong was just a fish village. Currently, she is combined by four main territories, and they are Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, New Territories and Lantau Island. Although its land area makes Hong Kong the 179th largest inhabited territory in the world, her terrain is hilly to mountain with steep slopes, and take shapes to many hiking routes. Since transportation in Hong Kong is highly developed, so it is convenience to travel between territories (

To know more about Hong Kong Regions, you may visit this website ( for more information.


The Weather & Climate

Hong Kong weather and climate are easy to adapt. The weather in Hong Kong is humid especially in Summer is likely when typhoons are most likely, there is occasional showers and thunderstorms, and please be well prepared when the typhoons are coming. Although most of them bring flooding or landslides during typhoons, they also killed people and destroyed buildings in the history of Hong Kong. Hence, here is a website showing that the precautions of warning signals are on force. ( While winter is here, the weather and climate become gentle, but cold fronts being strong and cooling winds to Hong Kong. The most moderate season is spring and autumn and Hong Kong becomes sunny and dry while they are coming.

During the four seasons, the differences of the temperature in Hong Kong have no big difference, while the highest that have been recorded is 36.1 °C (97.0 °F) and the lowest is 0.0 °C (32.0 °F). To know more about Hong Kong weather and climate in the future or in the past, please visit the following website for more information (

Although the temperature in Hong Kong is not too high or too low, the inner temperature would make you freezing, plus the weather and climate is changeable, so remember to carry an umbrella and coat all the time and ensure safety while warnings are on force.


The Culture

Since Hong Kong was British colony with the culture combination with territory’s Chinese root, therefore she is described as a place where “East meets West”. There are different museums which telling the history of Hong Kong (, science exhibitions (, art ( and music performance ( When you have time to visit the museums, you may know more about Hong Kong and her culture.

Not only the museums able to tell you the culture of Hong Kong, when you walk on the street, stores or restaurants, you may also meet different people from different countries, and these people also make Hong Kong become multi-culture and diverse. To satisfy diverse flavours, there are many different nationality and fusion foods and drinks in Hong Kong (For more information, please read the following passages: “The Foods & Drinks”).

Architecture in Hong Kong is mentionable. Because of the lack of spaces, the buildings are tall and density, and most of them higher than 500ft, as a result this making Hong Kong the world’s most vertical city. Even though Hong Kong is proud of having those high buildings as many of them become famous in worldwide, like International Finance Centre (IFC:, but the constant developments of districts lead the old building keep fading in Hong Kong.


The Language

Language is essential as you may use it to communicate with different people, although the first language in Hong Kong is Cantonese, but English and Mandarin are also commonly used, so it is not a must to learn Cantonese.

As mentioned, it is not a must to learn a new language, as if you are really interesting with it. There are ways to learn in Hong Kong, for example Hong Kong Language School (, there are also many personal tutors or courses provided, and you may find them through the notice board in the chained supermarket in Hong Kong.


The Foods & Drinks

Foods and drinks that find in Hong Kong are funky and various. In Hong Kong, she contains lot of foods form different countries, some of them are traditional and some of them are fusion. Instead of worry about your stomach will get starving, you shall release it and enjoy the foods and drinks in Hong Kong. For more information about restaurants or bars, you may visit the following website which displays a lot of popular or recommendable restaurants in Hong Kong ( Besides of restaurants, while you see someone holding foods with sticks or sitting out of the restaurants, please do not feel strange, since there are little stores just stand on streets, they sell foods and drinks with the price that are relatively low, and they are typical Hong Kong stylish food and delicious.

If you like to have a relaxing weekend with lots of friends, rather than going to a restaurant or bars, you may choose barbecue. There are lots of public beach with barbecue stand in Hong Kong and they are free, which means you will buy your own foods and drinks, cook by yourself, and clean up the rubbish after eating. Warm reminders: first keep in mind to put the fire out after using the stand as to protect yourself and also others; second since you are facing a fire, remember to have a drink to restrain water for your body.