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Moving to Ireland: Regions

South West

About the South West

This was the playground during the Victorian era, a good escape from London. It is made up of white sand beaches which line the edges of the island. There are many historic sites to visit in the South West and this area is a haven for artists, writers and actors.


Where is it?

The South West consists of the counties of; Cork, Kerry and Limerick and is a popular place to visit. It is home to Ireland’s highest mountain, Carrauntoohil (1041m)


Is it a good place to learn English?

Many short-term visitors have been lulled into taking up permanent residence here and therefore there are many different dialects spoken. English being one of the main dialects, this would be a good place to learn the language.


Free Time

You can use some free time to visit County Cork. There is also Killarney National Park which you can visit to see the beautiful views. You could also visit the Ring of Kerry which is a scenic drive with fabulous ocean and mountain views almost at every turn. If you get the chance try Dingle Crystal making. Ireland is synonymous with crystal making and there is certainly no exception to the rule when you make a visit to the Dingle Crystal workshop just outside of Dingle Town.



About the West

The West of Ireland has been inhabited for over 5,000 years. It is home to the outstanding Galway port and the Aran Islands, which is actually part of the Burren as it dips into the ocean and rises to form those islands.  The Aran Islands are truly traditional—this is what you think of when you see old movies with peat farmers and friendly fishermen.


Where is it?

The West consists of counties including; Clare, Galway, Mayo and Sligo. Galway City is one of Ireland’s smallest yet most popular destinations.


Is it a good place to learn English?

The West of Ireland has the highest percentage of Irish speaking residents which may be difficult if you are wanting to learnt o speak English although, there are still residents here who do speak English too.


Free Time

This region is good for hiking and climbing due to the mountainous areas. There are some sights which must be seen when here including; the knock shrine, dingle peninsula and the cliffs of Moher.


South East

About the South East

The South East is the warmest part of the island. It is made up of many hills which surround the glorious farm land which is next to medieval castles and Manor houses.


Where is it?

The South East is made up of; Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny and Carlow. County Wexford boasts some of Ireland’s longest and best beaches and many visit them in the summer months.


Free Time

In your free time you should try to attend Waterford City. This is the capital of the so-called ‘Sunny Southeast’ of Ireland. It was around when the Vikings were present in Ireland and has continued to hold this medieval atmosphere. It is the home to the famous Waterfront Crystal, a lifestyle product of exquisite craftsmanship. As well as this, Kilkenny is a good place to visit with an array of ancient buildings it is the oldest town in Ireland.


East Coast & Midlands

About the East Coast & Midlands

This area is the heart, soul and birth of the Irish Nation and is the Celtic spiritual home. This area contains some of Ireland’s most sacred sites. The Midlands is rarely visited by tourists but the gentle lakes, unique bogs, and rolling pastures tell us why the ancient people decided to stay here.


Where is it?

This part of Ireland is made up of the counties of; Laois, Leitrim, Longford, Offaly, Roscommon, Tupperary and Westmeath. This part of the island is known for bog land and rivers including the river Shannon which flows through the town of Athlone.


Free Time

If you get any free time when visiting this part of Ireland be sure to visit the Lockes Distillery. This is one of the few remaining pot distilleries which remains in Ireland today and here you may sample its whiskey. Also, Strokestown Park House and Famine Museum in County Roscommon is a good place to visit to learn about the history of Ireland.


There are many different ways to travel around Ireland. Please see below for details on travelling when in Ireland.


Bus Eireann is the Republics bus line and provides a large network throughout the South of the island.

There are also private buses which run, although these tend to run in the remote areas where Bus Eireann does not cover.

The bus is a convenievent way to travel, they also carry bikes for free (please check before doing so)

In Northern Ireland there is a different bus service which is called; Ulsterbus and this is the only service in this part of the island.


Iarnród Éireann is the system which operates in Ireland. There is no North to South route along the Western coast/ no network in Donegal and no connections from Waterford to Cork or Killarney. This can cost around 5-10 Euros for a single journey.


There are many different airlines which fly into and out of Ireland including; Aer Arann, Aer Lingus and Ryan Air. However, due to the size of Ireland it is unnecessary to fly from one place to another. Most flights within Ireland only take around 30 to 50 minutes.

-Border crossings

Security on the border crossing has decreased over the years and permanent check points have been removed. However, you should be able to travel over to Northern Ireland quite smoothly and easily.


Northern Ireland

About Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has had a lot of trouble in the past due to the religion and beliefs which have seemed to conflict with others of Ireland. However, this has now all passed. Northern Ireland has a spectacular coastline with the volcanic Giant’s Causeway.  Here many of the roads are state owned although, some have been built using private or public funds and are operated as toll roads.


Free Time

If you visit here and get any free time be sure to visit the coastline where you can go fishing and trekking in the Mountains of Mourne. There are many Victorian towns along the coastline which display a medieval theme as well as the Mussenden Temple in Londonderry.