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Moving to Natal

The city is located in the extreme Northwest of South America; it has an area of 170km2. The cities very near to Natal are: Recife (to 285km), Fortaleza (to 526km), and Salvador (to 1093km).


What is it like?

  • Natal is called “La ciudad del sol”, “La ciudad de las Dunas”;
  • It’s the capital of the state Rio Grande do Norte, also it’s known as “Capital spatial of Brazil”;
  • It’s consider the capital most safe in Brazil;
  • The city has a little influence by the Americans;
  • The city is located very near to Fernando de Noronha islands (Attractive islands for the tourists);
  • It has many important and beautiful beaches of brazil like: Pipa, Ponta Negra, Via Costeira, etc) ;



The food of Natal is very variety but the principal dishes it’s prepared with seafood and special ingredients only you can find in the region of the city, other dishes you can enjoy are:

baião de dois: It’s prepared with rice and beans sometimes you can enjoy this dish with beef;

Carne de sol: It’s a special meet only you can find this region of Brazil;



Population: 806.203 inhabitants

Founded: December 25, 1599



Clubs: ABC Futebol Clube and Romero Football Club

World Cup Stadium Name & Nickname: das Dunas Natal (Before it called Joao Claudio de Vasconcelos Machado), Its nickname is “Machadão”.

Stadium Capacity

  • The capacity is 42.086 spectators;
  • It was inaugurated in 1972 but it was renewed for the FIFA world cup 2014;
  • It’s expected that the stadium will be finished in 2014;
  • It will have a mall, commercial buildings, hotel, and an artificial lake;
  • It’s considered one of the most “green” and ” sustainable” designs for the Brazil World Cup 2014. (What I want to say: the stadium is very ecologic);


What is there to see?

DAS DUNAS PARK (In Portuguese, Parque das Dunas)

  • It was constructed in 1977, and it was the first unity of conservation for the environment;
  • It’s the second biggest urban park of Brazil;
  • It’s considered the fifth best park of South America where the tourist need visit;
  • There are three trails of das Dunas park, the trails are divided for dificulty levels, with the objetive, people can learn more about fauna and flora of the park, the trails are: Perobinha pista, Peroba pista, Ubaia-Sweet;
  • The park has an information point: If you need know very well about the place;
  • There is a game zone in the park;


Address: Via Costeira Coastal Autopista , Natal , Estado de Río Grande del Norte , Brazil;


Opening times & Tickets

The park promotes trekking around the dunes, guided by experts who explain the life of the dunes. There are three separate shipments, with different lengths: 800 m, 2400 m and 4400 m. Admission is R $ 1 and the cost sharing trekking R $ 2. The trekking starts at pre-programmed, and are limited in the number of participants, check out before you go. Wear light, use a cover and bring water.



The principal attraction for the city are its beaches, there are different you can enjoy when you stay in Natal, The principal are:


  • It’s one of the most famous beaches in Brazil and It’s the most important beach in Natal;
  • It’s located in the town Tibau do Sul, to 84km center of the city;
  • There are many hotel, hostels, restaurants and bars;
  • It’s very used this beach for practice surf;

Ponta Negra

  • It’s the new beach preferred for the tourists;
  • It’s located to 12 km of the city center;
  • It has an excellent infrastructure of hotel, hostels, restaurants and bars. this beach has very much nightlife;

Via Costeira

  • It’s located very close to Das Dunas Park;
  • The beach is very beautiful but the tourist need to have carefully, because there aren’t lifeguard and the waves are very strong and dangerous;

Praia do Meio

  • It’s located very close to center of the city between Preta and Fortaleza dos Reis Magos (Two monuments very important of the city);
  • The sea is very quiet (It’s very traditional walk on the beach because many tourists think is very romantic);

Praia dos Artistas

  • It’s located in the center of the city;
  • It’s very attractive this beach for surf;
  • The nightlife is fascinating in this beach (there are many restaurants and bars);

Areia Preta

  • It’s located in the exclusive zone of the city (What I want to say the expensive area);
  • The landscape is very beautiful (you can see a beautiful lighthouse the name is “Mae Luiza” in the high of Das Dunas park, this beach is very visited for the tourist.
  • It has very good security (there are many lifeguard);
  • There are many bars and restaurants you can enjoy there.


  • It’s located very near center of the city to 20km;
  • This beach has the most beautiful landscape of Natal because the beach looks like a dessert with sea, lagoon, and vegetation;
  • It’s very famous to travel in buggy or camel round the beach;


Other beaches you can enjoy in this wonderful city are: Praia do Forte, Praia do Mae Luzia, Parnamirim, South of river Pirangi, Pipa.


This is the link:




– Its architecture is colonial, neoclassical, and modernist;

– There are the most important neighborhoods of the city like: Cidade Alta, Ribeira, Tirol and Petropolis.

– Tirol and Petropolis are the oldest of the city and they show important aspects about Portuguese colonization;

– There are very important monuments that you can find in this area, also the most important theater the name is ” Teatro Alberto Maranhão” and important palace the name is “Solar Bela Vista”;




  • It’s the most important bridge in Natal, this bridge connect the city between North coast and South Coast;
  • It’s very attractive for the tourist because it’s very extensive (1,8km) and bigger;




If you want more information about the historic center, Beaches, Newton Navarro Bridge and other tourism places in Natal, you can go to Tourism Center of Natal there are people can give you a guide and more information about the city.




Address: Rua Aderbal de Figueiredo 980- Petropolis, Natal, Estado de Rio Grande del Norte, Brazil;


Opening Times


Monday to Friday: 8am- 7pm;


Contact phone: (+55) 84 32116149




  • The construction of this place was the reference point of the city when It was founded, the construction started in 1598;
  • The visitors are received with the image of the three kings (Gaspar, Baltasar, and Belquior)
  • It’s one of the seven wonders of Brazil;
  • It was used as a prison for politics;
  • The Fort has two floors;


Address: Av. Praia do Forte, s/nº, Santos Reis Natal – RN 59010-000, Brazil;‎




Opening times


Monday to Sunday: 8:00am and 4:30pm


Prices Tickets: $ 3 Reais, $1.50 Reais (Students);


Contact phone: (+55) 84 3202-9006;




It’s an important theater, it was inaugurated in 1904.


Address: Praça Augusto Severo, S/N – Ribeira- Natal-RN – CEP, 59.012-380;




Opening Times


If you want to know about the horary in the theater, you need check its website page, also you can find other information about the theater.




If you want to buy many different crafts of Natal, you don’t forgot go to market crafts Ponta Negra (in Portuguese Mercado Artesano Ponta negra), There is a variety of these beautiful objects.

Address: Av. engenheiro Roberto Freire, no Bairro de Ponta Negra, Natal- Brazil;




Opening Times


Monday to Sunday: 8:00am- 10:00pm




It’s a museum natural science and anthropology, it was inaugurated in 1960, you can find different expositions like: fossils, anatomy, sedimentology, arts, archeology, and others topics.


Address: Av. Hermes da Fonseca, 1398 Tirol-Natal / RN – BraZil – CEP: 59020-650;




Opening Times and Tickets


Tuesday to Friday: 9:00am- 5:00pm;

Saturday 1:00pm- 5:00pm (The box office closes at 4:30pm);




  • $ 2 Reais (General public);
  • $ 1 Reais (Students);


People don’t need pay the ticket:


  • Persons don’t under 60 years old;
  • Persons don’t under 6 years old;


Farol de Mãe Luísa


It’s a beautiful lighthouse painted in white, it was constructed in 1951, the altitude and height of the lighthouse is (87m and 37m) and this is other wonderful place tourist can do when they arrive to Natal.


Address: Neighborhood Mãe Luísa, Natal- Brazil;




Opening Times:


It’s not possible for tourist go inside to the lighthouse, (it’s only for take a picture with the family and have a very good memorize the beautiful lighthouse outside).


You can do this in the horary:


Monday to Thursday: 8am- 4:20pm;

Friday: 8:15am- 11:40am;




It’s an important mall very big where you can find many different things for shopping; it has 230m2 and three floors destined for shops, restaurants, cinema and game area.


Address: Av. Bernardo Vieira, 3775 – Tirol Natal (RN) – CEP 59015-900;




Opening Times


Monday to Friday: 10am- 10pm;

Sunday and bank holidays (Restaurants, cinema and game area): 12pm- 10pm;


Contact phone: (+55) 84 4006- 3424