Project Description

Move to Australia and discover Perth in 5 min

The Australian mainland is made up of five states and two territories. The island state of Tasmania lies of the southern coast, separated from the continent by the Bass Straight.

As a new comer to the land Down Under you will find it easiest to settle in one of the areas listed below. In these cities you will find the best job opportunities and quality of life.


Where to live

Mindarie: This beautiful town has a marina and a beach to enjoy. It is around 35 minutes by train away from the city centre, making it a popular place with families and young professionals.

City Beach: This suburb of Perth is located on the coast and is one of the most modern, desirable places to live in the local area, with beaches that are popular for surfing and a lot of modern bars and restaurants.

Yangebup & Bull Creek: These suburbs are located on the main rail route into the city centre, making them convenient places to live if you’re working in the city.

South Lake: Located to the south of City Beach and the city centre, South Lake is a slightly cheaper place to live than other parts of Perth.


Where to work

As the capital of Western Australia, Perth is the center of the state’s business and industrial trades. It is a large exporter of raw materials and agricultural goods.

A lot of people are attracted to Perth by the chance to work in the mining industry; one of the main contributors to the Australian economy. Although this industry is growing, jobs within mining usually require a skill and experience. You will be required to take Australian safety tests and other qualifications, even if you have the qualifications in your own country.

Perth’s tourism industry is growing every year, creating new opportunities in leisure, hospitality and retail, as the main destination in Western Australia.


How to get around

Local transport in and around Perth is organised by Transperth. Perth operates a pay-as-you-go travel system called the Smartrider.


How to spend your free time

While Perth and Fremantle are cities known for their culture, Western Australia also has many famous natural attractions. Among them are Pink Lake, the limestone rock formations called the Pinnacles and Margaret River. A short boat ride from Perth will take you to Rottnest Island, a great place to surf, scuba dive or snorkel.

Within the city, the Fraser Avenue Lookout provides a fantastic view of the Perth skyline, near to botanical gardens and pleasant parks.

The best of Perth’s nightlife and entertainment is located near the Swan River, while many events are held at the Perth Exhibition Centre. The nearby city of Fremantle is a cultural hub, with a large live music scene and a diverse local community – only 60% of its residents are native Australians.