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Moving to Porto Alegre

It’s located in the extreme north of coastal lake, the name is “Lagoa dos patos”, southeast of the country, the city has an important river the name is “Guaiba”, to 1546km and Rio de Janeiro, to 1119 km.


What is it like?

  • It’s one of the most important center of cultural, politicians, and economist in Brazil;
  • Its principal industrial is: agriculture, and industries;
  • It’s one of the richest cities in Latin America;
  • The city celebrates one of the most important event of free software the name is “FIS” (Forum international of Free software);
  • There are many Europeans descendant like: Portugal, Italy, German, Spain, and Poland, Also there are other descendants like Jews, and Arabians.
  • There are important universities where students go to study;




One of the most famous foods of Brazil, churrasco (slow-grilled and -roasted meat), originated in Rio Grande do Sul. But cuisine is eclectic here, and rice and beans sit on southern tables beside Italian and German dishes, thanks to the South’s many European immigrants. Colonial coffee is the elaborate 5 PM tea, with breads, pies, and German kuchen, popular among the Germans in the South.

The traditional beverage is the “erva mate”. The Chalet of the XV de Novembro Plaza is located along the Glênio Peres Square, it is one of the most traditional bar-draught beer-restaurants in the city, where the last “lambe-lambe” photographs of the region work. “Lambe-lambes” are photographers who develop pictures outdoor using the oldest method known. In the Bavarian style, with art nouveau traits, the centenary Chalet was built up on a demountable steel structure, keeping its original chandeliers and tiles even nowadays.



Population: 1.467.823 Inhabitants;

Founded: May 26, 1772;



Clubs: Gremio foot-ball Porto Alegrense and Sport club internacional;

World Cup Stadium Name & Nickname: Beira-Rio- Porto Alegre;

Stadium Capacity: 48.849 Spectators;


  • It was constructed in 1969 but It was renewed for the Brazil World cup 2014;
  • It’s located near to the Guaiba River (The most important river in Porto Alegre);
  • The fans of Sport club international help to construct the stadium, they brought, they brought bricks, iron, Cements and other things;
  • During 1960, the stadium was called “Boia cativa”, because never it was finished. In that time was a difficult economic situations in Brazil.
  • The stadium has shops, pools, bars, and very close from the stadium there are: huge park, pool, Gyms, court tennis;


What is there to see?


– It’s the actual headquarter of the executive power of state of Brazil Rio grande do sul;

– It’s located in Praça Marechal Deodoro (more popular as cathedral square, or center historic of Porto Allegre);

– Its construction was started in 1906 and it was finished in 1921 but the palace was inaugurated in 1970;

– This wonderful palace shows a mix baroque elements and neoclassicals, inspired by the Palace of France “Petit trianon”;

– The tourists can enjoy inside of the palace because there are many decorations, and important


– The important sites of the palace are: Saguão principal, Salão Negrinho do Pastoreio, Salão Alberto Pasqualini, Ala residencial, Salão dos banquetes, Salão dos espelhos, Oratório, Jardins do palácio, Galpão crioulo.


Address: Mal Praca. Deodoro, s / n | Centro , Porto Alegre , Estado de Rio Grande do Sul , Brazil;


Opening times & Tickets

Monday to Friday: 9am- 5pm (Thursday the palace is not available in the afternoon).

You can have a guide in three languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese).

Contact phone: (+55) 513210- 4170;



– It’s a historic building and cultural, it’s one of the most equipped in Brazil;

– It was constructed in 1933;

– There are many sites cultural like: Lucilia Minssen Library , Erico Verissimo Library, records by Elis Regina and Mario Quintana, The disc Public Natho Henn , the galleries: Xico Stockinger and Sotero Cosme , Bruno Kiefer theather y Carlos Carvalho theather, Also three rooms for theather , coffees shops, sites of food, Libraries y others things you can enjoy in this cultural place;

– There is an important garden with different kinds of plants;


Address: Street Andradas, 736, Centro histórico de Porto Alegre

Cep 90020-003- Brazil;


Opening Times & Ticket

Monday: 2pm- 9pm;

Tuesday to Friday: 9am to 9pm;

Saturday and Sundays: 12pm- 9pm

Contact phone: (+55) 513221/ (+55) 517147



– It’s called square of Cathedral,

– It’s located in the center of historic of the city and this place exist since the city is founded;

– There are different important cultural places like: Palace Farroupilha, Solar dos Câmara, Museum Júlio de Castilhos and Library Pública do Estado;


Address: Centro, Porto Alegre – RS, 90010-250, Brazil


Contact phone: (+55) 51 3289-7500;



  • It’s the oldest market in the city, also it’s an important cultural site where there are many restaurants, bars and shops;
  • It was inaugurated October 3 1869;
  • It’s one the most important tradition for the city, and it’s important for the tourist to meet this a wonderful place;
  • There is an important bar the name is “Navy bar” and it’s very important because it is 101 years old;
  • There are many Craft products, you can find in this wonderful place;
  • Recently, it was an incident in the market public where it was burned 30% its installations in the plant second;


Address: Mercado Público Central, Sala 132 2º Piso – Centro Histórico CEP 90020-070


Opening Times & Tickets

Monday to Friday: 7:30am – 7:30pm;

Saturday: 7:30am – 6:30pm;

Contact phone: (+55) 51 3289 4801/4802/4800



  • It’s an important museum in the city;
  • There you can find many important galleries;
  • It’s one of the most important museums in Brazil;


Address: MARGS Ado Malagoli Praça da Alfândega, s/n° Centro – 90010-150 Porto Alegre – RS – BRASIL;


Opening Times

Tuesday to Sunday: 10am- 7pm

Contact phone: (+55) 51 3227-2311


BOTANIC GARDEN OF PORTO ALLEGRE (Also there is a museum and zoo)

  • It’s a department of foundation zoo botanic of Porto Allegre;
  • It was constructed in 1970;
  • It’s five of the biggest botanic gardens in Brazil;
  • It has 653 species of threes you can enjoying in this wonderful place;
  • It has a museum the name is: “museum science of natural” (because there is a exhibition of fossils) and zoo;


Address: Rua Dr. Salvador França, 1427 Bairro Jardim Botânico CEP 90.690-000 – Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil


Opening times

Tuesday to Sunday: 8am- 5pm

Contact phone: (+55) 51 3320-2000



  • It’s the most important park in Porto Allegre;
  • The size of the park is 370000 m2;
  • There is a mini zoo in the park, also it has pleasure ground, market, soccer field, bowling and other things you can enjoy in this amazing park;


Address: Av. Osvaldo Aranha, Porto Alegre, Estado de Río Grande del Sur, Brazil;


Opening times

The park is open Monday to Sunday, not exist a particular horary of the park.

Contact phone: (+55) 51 3221 3562;


Also It’s very consider the nightlife in Porto Allegre, There are many pubs, bars, and restaurants.