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Moving to Australia: Tips about Queensland

The Australian mainland is made up of five states and two territories. The island state of Tasmania lies of the southern coast, separated from the continent by the Bass Straight.

As a new comer to the land Down Under you will find it easiest to settle in one of the areas listed below. In these cities you will find the best job opportunities and quality of life.


Where is it?

Located in the north-east corner of Australia, Queensland is the country’s second largest state and third most populated with the majority of residents living in the capital; Brisbane.


How do I get there?

Brisbane has an international airport, with services to destinations across the world. Further south, Gold Coast airport in Coolangatta offers some international flights, particularly to Asia. In the north, Cairns has a smaller airport usually serviced by domestic flights.

Long distance coach services are operated by Greyhound and Premier. Routes are available between destinations in Queensland and into adjoining states.


Is it a good place to learn English?

Queensland has a less international population than New South Wales and Victoria, but Brisbane is a large urban centre with people from all over the world. This makes it the best place in Queensland to live and learn English. The cities of Cairns and Surfer’s Paradise are primarily tourist destinations, so they are not as good for learning English.

See Moving to Australia: Step 3  for more information on how to access free English lessons, funded by the federal government.