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Population: 1.599.514 inhabitants

Founded: March 12, 1537



Clubs: Sport club Do Recife, Santa Cruz Futebol, and Clube Náutico Capirabire

World Cup Stadium Name & Nickname: Arena Pernambuco

Stadium Capacity: 42.849 spectators

  • It’s a new stadium in Brazil, It was inaugurated in may 22, 2013;
  • It’s a complex multi housing;
  • It has restaurants, malls, and cinemas;
  • It’s very near from the Airport (to 19km).


Where is it?

It’s located very near to Atlantic Ocean, 2306km to Rio De Janeiro, and 2672km to Sao Paulo but it is very near to Natal 286km.


What is it like?

  • It’s the capital for the state Penambuco;
  • The city has the highest center of technology in Brazil;
  • It looks like a cosmopolitan city because there are many buildings and skydiver as New York City;
  • There, you can find the best port of Brazil, the name is “Port of Suape”;
  • It’s a multicultural city with African songs and Dances;
  • There are different beaches you can enjoy in this amazing city, some of them are: Boa Viajem, Pina and Brasilia Obstinada;
  • It’s the third city with the highest number of consul in Brazil;
  • It’s the oldest city in Brazil.



There are a lot of restaurant that the tourist can enjoy (10.000 between restaurants and bar). Also you can go to the oldest restaurant in Brazil “Milk restaurant “, it was inaugurated 1882.

Also there are many typical food you can taste like: escondidinho, sururu, a caldeirada, cozido, caldinho de peixe ou camarão, a peixada pernambucana, chambaril, charque à brejeira, bredo de coco, quibebe, a tapioca, angu, mungunzá salgado, o sarapatel, a buchada e o feijão de coco, like others.



San Juan: It’s very important party to do people in Recife (the date for the celebration is middle of june);


Top 15 Tourist Sites


The most important beaches in Recife are:

Boa Viajem

  • It’s the most famous beach in Recife;
  • It has 7km of distance;
  • The beach is protected for a barrier Coral reefs (for this, it was inspired the name of the City) with the objects of protect to people of the sharks;
  • There are different attractions people can do like: footing, volleyball courts, tennis courts, Restaurants and bars;
  • It’s considered one of the best urban beach in Brazil;
  • The tourist can enjoy beautiful landscapes;
  • It’s important for the tourist be careful (it’s the most dangerous beach in the world because there are many dangerous sharks, the last attack was in july 2013, the victim died), it’s important follow the indications for the Baywatch and personal of the beach;


Address: District Boa Viagem (zone South of Recife), Recife Brazil;



  • It’s the second beach of attraction for the tourists in Recife;
  • There are different sports you can play in this beach like: Volleyball, Tennis, Football, and Basket);
  • It’s the principal area for night life in Recife (because there are many bars and restaurants);
  • You can find an important sculpture of Francisco Brennard (he is a very important sculptor of ceramic in the world);


Address: District Pina (Zone north of Boa Viagem), Recife Brazil;


Brasilia Teimosa

  • It’s the most new beach in Recife, It was inaugurated in 1956;
  • It’s located in a popular neighborhood if the city;
  • There are many beautiful reefs;
  • The principal characteristic: the beach has many bars and restaurant specialized in seafood;


Address: District Brasilia Teimosa, Recife Brazil



Also Recife has other beaches you can enjoy like: Praia Chifre, Piedade, Candeias, Barra da jangada.



  • It is a museum inspired for sculpture Francisco Brennard;
  • There are many fabulous sculptures where the tourist can enjoy;
  • There is a beautiful garden created by Burle Marx (important landscaper), This area is the most attraction for the tourist;


Address: Propriedade Santos Cosme e Damião s / ​​n, Várzea Recife – PE 50740-970, Brasil;


Opening Times

Monday to Thursday: 8am- 5pm;

Friday: 8am- 4pm;

Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays: Closed

Contact phone: (+55) 81 3271- 2466;


Concatedral de São Pedro dos Clérigos

It’s the principal cathedral of Arrecife, constructed june 26, 1700;


Address: Patio de São Pedro BR – Recife


Opening Times and Tickets

The Church is open every day and it’s completely free;

Contact phone: (+55) 81 32242954



  • It was the first synagogue in America, it was constructed between 1636 to 1654;
  • Nowadays It used as Museum;


Address: Rua Bom Jesus, 197 | Recife Antigo, Recife, State of Pernambuco, Brazil;


Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday: 09am- 05pm;

Sunday: 3pm- 7pm;

Contact Phone: (+55) 81 3224 2128



It’s an important Museum in Recife, It was constructed in 1929.There you can find 14.000 articles of art, technology, anthropology, history, and ethnography.


Address: Av. Rui Barbosa, 960 – Graças, Recife – PE, 52050-000, Brazil;


Opening Times & Tickets

Tuesday to Friday: 9am- 5pm;

Saturday and Sunday: 2pm- 5pm;


$ 5 Reais;

$ 2.50 Reais (Id card students);

Contact phone: (+55) 81 3184-3170;


Catamaran Tours – Passeios Pelo Rio Capibaribe e Outros

It’s a trip in boat the tourist can do in the river of the city.


Address: Cais das Cinco Pontas, SN – São José, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil;

Contact phone: (+55) 81 34242845


Other places you can enjoy are:

  • Santa Isabel theather;
  • Parque da Jaqueira;
  • Shopping center Recife;
  • Pátio de São Pedro;
  • Casa da Cultura;