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Salvador de Bahia


Population: 2.948.733

Founded: March 29, 1549



Clubs: Esporte Clube Bahia and Esporte Clube Vitória

World Cup Stadium Name & Nickname: Arena Fonte Nova (Before called Stadium Octávio Mangabeira)

Stadium capacity:

  • Capacity: 52.048 spectators;
  • The stadium was inaugurated January 28, 1951
  • The stadium was used until 2007.
  • It was demolished 2010 to the Brazil world cup 2014 and it was inaugurated in March 2013;
  • It has a panoramic and modern restaurant inside and football museum;
  • It’s not only for football matches; also the stadium will be used for shows;



Where is it?

It’s located northwest of Brazil to 1.531km of Brasilia (Capital of Brazil), 1971km to Sao Paolo, and 1624km to Rio Janeiro.


What is it like?

  • Salvador is the capital of state Bahia;
  • This city is notable for its gastronomy, beaches, music and architecture;
  • This city has a lot of influence of African culture; therefore, it’s the center Afro-Brazilian culture;
  • Salvador is called “Capital of joy” (in Portuguese Capital da alegria) because the people of Salvador are very friendly and there are many celebrations;
  • The city is one of the oldest in America;



The typical food of Salvador is “acarajé”, it’s a very popular dish in the African culture, It’s a fried flour accompanied with shrimp, beans, pepper, vatapa, caruru these are two special ingredients that only you can find in this city. You can enjoy this dish in the breakfast or dinner.



There are two events you can enjoy in this city:

  • Arraia Capita: It celebrated in June; you can enjoy the Brazilian music, food and drinks of different parts of Brazil.
  • Magna Bahia: It celebrated in July 2, and this is a celebration of the independence of Brazil.




  • It’s the center of historic of the City;
  • It’s composed the monuments of colonial architecture (since XVII century and XIX century) and monuments;
  • It was the first market of slaves of the American continent;
  • It’s the oldest place of the city
  • You can find music, important restaurants and night life.

Monuments and places you can enjoy in Pelourinho are:

  • Memorial da medicina Brasileira;
  • Casa Ruy Barbosa;
  • Palacio Arquiepispocal de Salvador;
  • Palacio Rio Branco;
  • Casa da camara;
  • Plano Inclinado Gonçalves;
  • Solar Ferrão;


AFRO-BRAZILIAN MUSEUM (in Portuguese, Museu Afro-Brasileiro)

  • It was inaugurated January 07, 1982.
  • It’s a museum where you can find topics about the Afro-Brazilian culture;
  • There are different original pieces of inspiration by Africa;


Address: Largo do Terreiro de Jesus s/n, Prédio da Faculdade de Medicina da Bahia, 40026-010 Centro Histórico Salvador, Bahia, Brasil


Opening times:

  • Monday to Friday: 9am- 5.30pm;
  • Saturday: 10am- 5pm;
  • Closed: Sundays, and bank holidays

Tickets price

  • Adult: $6.00 Reais;
  • Students: you need to bring your Student card $3.00 Reais;
  • Youngsters: 6 to 10 years old: $3.00 Reais;
  • Children under 5: Free;

Contact phone: +55 (71) 32835540



– It’s a beautiful cathedral; you need meet if you go to Salvador;

– It’s ones of the most important baroque monuments of the city;


Address: Cúria Metropolitana Bom Pastor – Av. Leovigildo Filgueiras, 270 – Garcia, CEP: 40 100-000 – Salvador -Ba.


Opening times:

The church is open every day for the tourists in the morning and afternoon and it’s free.

Contact phone: +55 (71) 4009-6666



  • It was the first elevator of the urban world, inaugurated December 8 1873;
  • When it was inaugurated, it was the longest of the world;
  • Nowadays it’s a public transport;
  • In the top you can enjoy of the view of the city, it’s very beautiful;
  • Connecting the lower city with the upper city;


Address: Praça Municipal (oficialmente Praça Tomé de Souza) Cidade Alta, Salvador-Ba;


Tickets & Opening Times:

The elevator is open 24 hours every day.

Price: $0.50 Reais;

Contact phone: +51 (71) 33212697- +51 (71) 33227049;



  • It’s an important market of the city and it was inaugurated in 1895;
  • There are 263 shops, where you can find the most diverse crafts;
  • The architecture is very amazing for the tourist because it’s neoclasic.


Address: The Praça Visconde de Cayrú in the commercial district of the region known as Cidade Baixa (the Lower City), in front of Baía de Todos os Santos;


Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 9am to 7pm;

Saturday and holidays: 9am to 2pm- 9am to 4pm (restaurants);



Located in the middle of All Saints’ Bay, São Marcelo Fort is open to the public daily. Visitors may see exhibitions such as Memories of the Sea, Memories of the Fort and Memories of the city, besides getting to know one of the most beautiful postcards of the city. Formerly called Fort of Our Lady of Pópulo and known as Forte do Mar (Sea Fort), São Marcelo Fort started as a triangular bastion, built in wood in the beginning of the 17th century, on a reef in the entrance of the port of Salvador.


Address: Embarque no Centro Nautico Da Bahia, ao Lado do Mercado Modelo | Comércio , Salvador , Estado de Bahía , Brasil;


Contact phone: +51 (71) 3321-5286

Tickets & Opening Times:

The fort is in front of the pier and Modelo Market and it’s open to the public. The access is made through boat from the Nautical Center. Open from Tuesdays to Sundays, from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Tickets (boat ride and access to the fort): R$ 10,00 (students pay R$ 5,00).



  • It’s a catholic temple, constructed in neoclassical style with facade “rococo”
  • There, you can buy a typical amulet of the city, the name is Fitinhas de Bonfim


Address: Praca Senhor do Bonfim, s/n | Bonfim, El Salvador, Estado de Bahía 40425-360, Brasil;

Contact phone: +51 (71) 3316-2196



Salvador Bahia has many beaches that you can enjoy, around Atlantic Coast and Bahia of the saints (in portuguese Bahia De los Santos).

The principal beaches are: Pituba, Artistas, Itapuan, and Porto da Barra, Each beaches have different open-air restaurants.


Other places you can enjoy in Salvador are:

  • Parque da cidade: A principal park of the city;
  • Alto de ondina: There, you can find a Zoo;
  • Punta de Humaitá: It’s a Natural place;
  • San Joaquin market;
  • Farol da barra;
  • Botanic garden of Salvador;