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Saxony-Anhalt: What you need to know

Where is it?

Since its reunification in 1990, the new Germany has consisted of 16 federal states. There are three city states – the capital city of Berlin, plus Hamburg and Bremen – and 13 diverse regions ranging from Schleswig-Holstein in the north to Bavaria in the south. Saxony-Anhalt with its capital Magdeburg is a federal state of Germany surrounded by the federal states of Lower Saxony, Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia. It is located in the western part of eastern Germany. By size, it is the 8th largest state in Germany, and by population, the 10th largest.


How do I get there?

Saxony-Anhalt is, heavily influenced by its central location in the center of Germany and also of Europe.

The road and rail networks of Saxony-Anhalt are amongst the densest and most efficient in Germany. Several motorways offer excellent connections to the state. The three principal cities in the state, Halle, Magdeburg and Dessau, lie at the intersections of major German and international rail routes, and have access to other German and European cities through the intercity network of Deutsche Bahn AG.

Unfortunately Saxony Anhalt has no own airport and you would have to fly to the international airports of Leipzig/Halle, Berlin and Hanover first and continue your trip by train to reach your dastination in Saxony-Anhalt.


Is it a good place to learn German?

In Saxony-Anhalt the majority of the people are speaking the standard German language or have very slight dialects. Only in Mansfeld is the dialect may be a little hard to understand for non locals.

Overall the German language can be learned in Saxony-Anhalt, but you should also contact the agency called “BAMF” that offers free german- and integration-coures for people from different countries that would like to work in Germany. You can check their website for more information and where those courses will be available in your area (

German is a very difficult language in general and has a large variety of dialects and slangs that even the native speakers have their problems with it, so it is very important that you find the right class for you.


Moving to Magdeburg: 3 things you need to know

1.) Where to live?

Magdeburg offers a lot of great places to live. To give you some idea’s depending on your budget take a look on the list below.


The most desired districts in Magdeburg would be in the city center in Altstadt and Stadtfeld-Ost.


Some medium range districts would be Werder and Sudenburg.


And some of the less expensive areas are in the districts of Diesdorf and Alt-Olvenstedt.


2.) Where to work?

Massive investments in modern infrastructure have taken place since the 1990, and the remaining and newly created businesses are highly competitive. The chemical industry is quite important, with almost 25,500 employees across 214 plants in 2010. Because of the chemical industry, Saxony-Anhalt attracts more foreign direct investments than any other state in eastern Germany.

The state is the location of numerous wind farms producing wind-turbine energy.

Saxony-Anhalt is also famous for its good soil. Hence, the food industry has an important role with almost 19,500 employees across 190 plants in 2010. Some of the best known products are Baumkuchen from Salzwedel and Halloren chocolate globes from Germany’s oldest chocolate factory in Halle.

The capital city Magdeburg favours particular key areas where the opportunities for growth and development are best:

  • Mechanical engineering and plant engineering
  • Ecotechnology and life-cycle management
  • Health management
  • Wood processing
  • Logistics

For more information visti (|698.64.2|0&ModID=7&FID=37.5505.2&La=2).


3.) How to get around?

Magdeburg has a great public transportation system and many opportunities to travel in the city:

– Bus and tram service of the Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe (public transport company):

– Bus and tram service of the NASA in Saxony-Anhalt:

– Taxi/Cab and special taxi service for tourists/visitors: +49 (0)391 – 73 73 73

Check out the following website for live traffic reports and parking facilities in Magdeburg: