Project Description

  1. The breakfast is rich, plentiful and varied, you can experience the delicious manouches of zaatar, cheese, meat (called Lahme Baijin), try a delicious portion of the foul, showered with olive oil and parsley, to eat with bread. But if you do not like something savory in the morning, try the delicious Knefeh.


  1. Despite the internal conflicts, imminent threats of possible attacks by radical terrorists from Syria, or Israel, I still think that Lebanon is a safe place to live (at least where I live). I never faced any problem of security in this country!


  1. The advantage of sitting in a corner at the edge of the Mediterranean sea, just to see their different shades of blue, listen to the sound of their waters breaking on the rocks, observe the fishermen patients, and to see a spectacle of colors and nuances, while the sun plunges slowly on the horizon.


  1. Everything in Lebanon, turns around food, family gatherings or with friends, are always accompanied by a rich and varied choice of delicious Lebanese cuisine. No! I’m not fat and sweet tooth, but when you arrive in Lebanon, will understand what I mean. Usually is joked that in Lebanon, people do not eat to live, they live to eat … And how much good stuff have to eat here!


  1. The Lebanese hospitality is internationally known, no matter if you are just from another city, another state, or another country, in Lebanon you will always be greeted, anywhere, with a sincere smile on the face, and most famous phrase spoken by Lebanese: “Welcome to Lebanon”. And believe me: They love foreigners, and love being able to speak well of the country, and its advantages and beauties.


  1. History and culture of over 7000 years! I love the rich history of Lebanon, and know that have been through here, more than 10 different civilizations, and even through several wars and destructions, Beirut was rebuilt several times, and the whole country, saves lot of history, culture, many vestiges, and traces, archaeological sites, of several ancient civilizations that have left their old buildings here. Jesus, Mary, the apostles, everyone walked around here, and although I do not follow any religion, I am excited with this simple detail.


  1. All seasons are lived intensely. In winter you freeze of cold, and admire the beauty of the snow in the mountains, go skiing, or simply “pay some monkeys” and roll (literally) snowy mountain below, laughing about yourself. In some rare cases, it snows even in the capital Beirut, and in the cities of coastline (as happened last year). Can you imagine that? Snow on the beach? Well I thought it was impossible, until last winter I saw snow here on the coast, with my own eyes!
    In summer, the intense heat and the breeze of the Mediterranean allows you to enjoy the hottest season of the year as you want, on the beach, in the pool or in the mountains, no matter your choice, leisure is guaranteed (but do not expect summer rains). In the summer, also occur, many large cultural and music festivals, national and international, in many cities around the country, is very nice.
    Ah, spring! How Lebanon is beautiful in the spring! Colorful, perfumed, decorated, my city in particular, has the slogan “City of Flowers” (Zouk Mikhael), because in the spring, its gardens are greener, the flowers more alive, intense and perfumed, everything is beautiful and flowered.
    But autumn also has its charm, everything is in orange tone, clay, tending to brown, leaves and more leaves adorn the scenery, the landscape changes to a different kind of beauty, and is also at this time that starts the rainy season and storms, with several shows of lights and colors in the sky, in shades of blue, gray, black, with lightning, Thunderers (I love it all, but there are some who hates).
    The day turns into night at 16hs, everything gets cooler, quieter, more calm, and I confess: It is more EMO, and sad! But I like to experience all the seasons, in Lebanon, the air is different every season, as well as the smells, the colors, and even flavors ….


  1. If you’re young, single and looking for for parties and “ballads” …. Beirut is the place! Beirut is where it happens the best “ballads”, where is the best pubs and night clubs of the country. Hundreds of pubs and night clubs, some with open sky, in the coverage of high buildings, offer much leisure, entertainment, shows, international artists, with music for all tastes, some even offer karaoke (not only Japanese that loves karaoke, Lebanese too), lots of flirting, exotic drinks, and colorful, and beautiful people having fun until sunrise. If there’s one thing the Lebanese can do very well is “party”.


  1. Family …. If you think you know the meaning of this word, probably in Lebanon, you will experience a different expression of this word. I’ve never seen a place as “family” as Lebanon. Anywhere in the country, whether in big cities on the coast, in the mountains, in the valley …. No matter, you will always see a big united family, happy, talking, enjoying their moments of peace, fraternizing all celebrations (weddings, births, baptisms, first communion, engagement and funerals) together.
    Families are always together, “eating”, enjoying a Lebanese barbecue, drinking a “Almaza” (delicious Lebanese beer), chatting, playing taule (backgammon), telling stories, unearthing the dead and memories, talking about the lives of others (good and bad), drinking Arabic coffee, eating (again) fruits, surrounded by children running, playing, jumping, shouting “mamiiiiii” all the time, crying, pestering too, because everything in Lebanon (well, almost everything!) is made in family! LOL …. (If you like, great. If not, run!)


  1. In Lebanon everything is open until late, I’ve been buying bread after midnight, or purchase items at the grocery store several times. And there are some services 24 hours, where you either need to get off the car, you stop, the attendant comes in your window asks you what you wants he brings to you, you pay and goes away.
    If you do not have a car, you can take a taxi, and even meet new passengers (LOL), because many use the service stocking in taxis.