The "Guided PR for Health Professionals" has 7 PR tactics health professionals can follow to raise their profile onlin. 
The book shows you step by step how to:

- choose the keywords you want to be known for;

- how to write your bio (biography) to use in the media;

- how to create a well written and designed Linkedin profile;

- how SEO works including back links, how to get and manage them;

- how you contact journalists and reply to their requests so you can be featured in the media;

- 7 PR tools you can use to help you raise your profile.

Guided PR for Health Professionals

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  • The copyrights of this book belong to Rafael dos Santos.

    The book has just below 100 pages. It can be read in 2-3 hours.

    You don't need to read the chapters in the sequence it appears. You can work on Linkedin profile first, then your media profile. It's an easy read.
    I recommend you read the whole book first, then make a plan how you're going to apply what you learned.

Lola Sherwin

| Editor Assistant


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