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During 15 years in business, I have done hundreds of marketing campaigns, some really successful some failed miserably. The key to marketing campaigns is to learn from the mistakes and make sure you improve the next one. In my latest business, we went from £0 to £144k in 18 months.

Not bad for what was an idea on a piece of paper one day and a revenue generator a few months later. I can help you grow your business too. Check the digital products I created, choose one, two or all of them and get started! If you need help creating a marketing and sales strategy, book a call with me here.

My digital (downloadable) books

Books I highly recommend

Taming you gremiluin.jpg


Taming Your Gremlin®
Personal Development



passion into profit.jpeg


Interesting analysis of how to turn your passion into profit, using processes.



linkedin unlocked.jpeg


Great book if you want to make the most out of your Linkedin profile. 



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