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Rafael has authored three books, two reports and contributed to further three reports in the UK. Rafael shares his business acumen, passion for diversity and tech and above all migrant entrepreneurship. A very proud migrant entrepreneur from Brazil, he continues to advocate and campaign to show the benefits of migration and how migrant entrepreneurs give, much more than they take in the host countries.

rafael dos santos from owls to peacocks.

From Owls to Peacocks

50 High Profile Club Entrepreneurs And Their Success Stories

This is Rafael's latest book, launched in September 2019 in London where 150 guests celebrated the launch of the book with most of the entrepreneurs interviewed for the book also in attendance. 50 HIGH PROFILE CLUB® Entrepreneurs share their stories: from struggle to success; how they started their businesses; what challenges they faced; and how they grow their businesses today. It's a truly remarkable book with fantastic stories of motivation, inspiration, practical advice and above all resilience and strength.

If you wish to buy a signed copy, click on the button below and send me a message and my office will organise the book to be sent to you. 


Migrant Entrepreneurs Brexit Report

In partnership with Migrant Voice and Regents University, Rafael led the research about migrant entrepreneurs and their feelings and thoughts about Brexit. The data was processed by Prof. Simon O'Leary and the report launched at the Houses of Parliament during the Migrant Entrepreneurs Awards 2019.

rafael dos santos migrant entrepreneur r

Migrant Entrepreneurship 

Rafael was the author of the report commissioned by the Institute of Directors and commended by Lord Young (Baron Young of Graffhan). Rafael led a team that conducted qualitative research to find out the main barriers that stop migrant entrepreneurs starting or growing a business in the UK. The report was launched at the Houses of Parliament with the support of MP Neil Coyle.

rafael dos santos moving abroad one step

Moving Abroad, One Step At A Time

Rafael's first book launched in 2013. The book is divided in five chapters, which are the phases that migrants go through when they move to another country either permanent or temporarily. You can buy the book in three languages. Click on the language you wish to buy.

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Como Empreender no Reino Unido

Rafael contributed to the report created by the Brazilian Embassy in London to help Brazilians understand how to start and grow a business in the UK. The report is in Portuguese and provides a comprehensive step-by-step on how to register a business, how to access funding and many other important aspects about business.


Diversity in Tech

This report is divided into three chapters: exploring the business case for diversity, the importance of the international community and the need to cultivate home-grown talent. It also has recommendations to startups and scaleups and a Diversity Directory, highlighting the many outstanding initiatives and organisations already striving for this change.

advisory committee rafael dos santos.png

Migrant Advisory Commitee

Rafael is a member of Tech London Advocates and has contributed to the changes in the immigration system that happened in 2015. The full report was launched by the Migration Advisory Board from the UK government. 

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