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What It Takes To Be A Migrant Entrepreneur

Award-winning TEDx Talk delivered in Tunbridge Wells, UK - 2016

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"Never a dull moment"
Carol V.
Attendee in one of Rafael's events.

"Charismatic, fun and educational".
Dr. Yvonne T. 
Attendee in one of Rafael's events.

"Serious and fun

at the same time!".
Etiane G. 
Attendee in one of Rafael's events.

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"I can't wait to attend another event."
Rochelle L.
Attendee in one of Rafael's events.

See Rafael in action. Below are just some examples from the 200 international talks Rafael has given around the world. Rafael has spoken at seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions and business shows worldwide. He has also reached almost 157.000 people with his TEDx Talk "What it takes to be a migrant entrepreneur".
If you'd like to invite Rafael to speak at your event, click/tap here

Migrant Entrepreneurship Report rafael d
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Houses of Parliament

Rafael hosted the launch of the Migrant Entrepreneurship report, commissioned by the Institute of Directors, commended by Lord Young and with the support of MP Neil Coyle, the report was launched nationwide.    

houses of parliament 2019 rafael dos san
houses of parliemant rafael dos santos.j

Palace of Westminster 

Rafael was the master of ceremonies and organiser of the Migrant Entrepreneur Awards, which was held at the Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament with MP Andrew Rosindell as guest of honour.   

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amsterdam speaker 1.jpg

B. Amsterdam

Rafael was the host and organiser of the Breakfast for Directors in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Rafael was sharing his expertise and experience about being a TEDx Speaker.


Barclays Bank Accelerator

Rafael was invited to speak about making it BIG in entrepreneurship to an audience of 100 entrepreneurs in East London.       

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china rafael dos santos.jpg

WEF - China

Rafael and Mirela Sula did a keynote speech in China, at the World Entrepreneurship Forum. There were 1000 attendees in the audience. 

rave rafael dos santos.jpg
rave rafawel os santos 2.jpg

Ravensbourne University

Rafael was invited by Rave University to present the Student Entrepreneur Awards with the Innovation Manager Ha Smith. 

google campus rafael dos santos.jpg
google campus rafael dos ssantos.jpg

Google Campus

Rafael was the host and events organiser at the Migrant  Business Accelerator with an audience of 120 entrepreneurs.

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rafael dos santos mermaid theatre.jpg

Key Person of Influence

Rafael was invited to speak on how to grow your business by doing partnerships with corporates, at the Mermaid Theatre with over 500 entrepreneurs in the audience.

usa speaking rafael dos santos.jpeg
usa speaking rafael dos santos.jpeg

University of Kentucky, USA

Rafael was invited to give a guest lecture about entrepreneurship to the MBA students at the University of Louisville, in Kentucky, USA.


Facebook, London

Rafael took part in the first LGBT hackathon in London, which was hosted at Facebook HQ, London.

autralia_talk_21-300x224 rafael dos sant
australia_talk-300x224 rafael dos santos

STB, Australia

Rafael was invited by STB in Sydney to be a keynote speaker about the challenges of moving and living abroad.

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rafael dos santos france 2.jpg

Student Fair, Paris

Rafael exhibited and spoke to hundreds of French students planning to move to London in 2010.

Would you like to invite Rafael to speak at your event? Just click/tap on the envelope and complete the form. Rafael is a very engaging and fun public speaker. He also teaches at Regent's University London, so you can be assured he will deliver valuable content that is educational, informative and fun for the audience.                 

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