Can technology help you lose an accent?


What do employers need to know about post-brexit immigration rules?

Startup of the Year 2015-2016 competition entry: mi-HUB limited

Migrant entrepreneurs- Which legal pitfalls should you look out for?

Theme: Leap of faith

Migrant entrepreneurship in the UK: celebrating the benefits to Britain

Talents not traits, contribution, not characteristics

London’s first business hub assisting migrant entrepreneurs opens

Module 4 entrepreneurship for people in interface communities

Migrant entrepreneurs create millions of jobs in UK

"Rafael's story: A high profile migrant"

Migrants are creating jobs, not taking them, says report

Migrants create jobs, not take them away, finds report

6 reasons to do an MBA

Migrants are creating jobs, not taking them, says report

How to set up a business in Brazil

Britain must be open to entrepreneurial migrants - new report from mi-HUB and the IoD

How this man made the leap from kitchen porter to a successful entrepreneur

MI-hub hosts bbq party in London - Proceeds go to educating and supporting migrant entrepreneurs

Business hub for migrant entrepreneurs in London

Britain must be open to entrepreneurial migrants: new report from mi-hub and the IOD

The 2018 shortlist 2018 SHORTLIST AND WINNERS

"High Profile Club: Interview with CEO and Founder, Rafael dos Santos"

Top 30 inspiring UK entrepreneurs

Start-ups help those coming to Britain to start over

Making it as a Migrant

This foreigner Can - new campaign promoting successful immigrant entrepreneurs!

250 British entrepreneurs back startup manifesto in open letter

Room in the moon

Migrant entrepreneurs’ views on the potential impacts of Brexit on their UK businesses

London to see first co-working space dedicated for migrants

Employers: Prevention of illegal working – what does the new Immigration Act mean for you?

"Rafael's story: A high profile migrant"

Theresa May should support migrant entrepreneurs to create more British jobs, a new report argues

Britain must be open to entrepreneurial migrants

Migrant entrepreneurs struggle to get funding in UK

Telling the truth about SME life today

Britain Must be Open to Entrepreneurial Migrants - New Report from mi-HUB and the IoD

Small Business Snippets

The Yin Yang of a successful entrepreneur

Rafael Dos Santos – My gay wedding day

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